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An architect is a person who primarily designs, plans and decorates buildings. They are responsible for the practical utility, durability and aesthetic appeal of the design, and use th......   More Info...

Architectural engineer


An Architectural Engineer designs (amongst others) plumbing systems, lighting, heating systems and air conditioning systems for buildings. They work with drawings as well as designs cre......   More Info...

Architectural model maker


An Architectural Model Maker applies an Architect’s design and converts it into a three-dimensional scale model. The model is a miniature version of what the structure will look like a......   More Info...

Architectural technologist


An Architectural Technologist assists Architects and other designers to bring their designs to life by practically translating the conceptual designs. The technologist makes use of compu......   More Info...

Corporate architect


A Corporate Architect is a person who designs buildings and other structures for businesses only. These structures can include office buildings, shopping malls and other places of busine......   More Info...

Landscape architect


A Landscape Architect designs and plans the outside land structures for shopping malls, hotels, airports and office parks. They create a functional and pleasing environment which is attr......   More Info...