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An advocate pleads the cause of another person in a court of law and acts as an intercessor. They give legal opinions on a wide range of law-related issues in the commercial, industrial and do......   More Info...



An Arbitrator  stands impartial to an argument or dispute with the main purpose of negotiating the best solution to the problem for all parties involved. They are often involved in employment ......   More Info...



An Attorney represents their clients in a court of law. They provide advice with regards to the client’s rights on law-related matters, be they civil or criminal. Civil matters include assis......   More Info...



A Conveyancer is a person who deals with the legal issues involved when buying or selling property. They work closely with clients to obtain all the necessary paperwork completed for vario......   More Info...

Court reporter


A Court Reporter (also known as a Verbatim Reporter) makes word for word recordings and transcriptions of evidence, judgements and speeches given during court proceedings. This is done by using......   More Info...

Patent attorney


A Patent Attorney specialises in intellectual and industrial property law. When a patent is granted, the inventor has the exclusive right to manufacture, use or sell the article or idea. The at......   More Info...